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Consulting on transformation and management processes

Bringing strategies into effect

Develop more flexibility and impact for your company

The best strategy is useless if it is not put into practice. The time factor is of great importance here. Faster reaction and innovation times can give companies decisive competitive advantages. To achieve this, effective management and control systems must be set up or adapted to enable the optimal implementation of strategies in individual results.

In addition, the extent to which cultural patterns and values can hinder strategy implementation is often underestimated. Peter Drucker already put it in a nutshell: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." On the other hand, these patterns can inspire your employees for the future of your company and unleash unexpected forces. You should seize this opportunity and consistently address the socio-cultural level of the topic when making changes.

Range of services:

  • Support in the effective implementation of the corporate strategy
  • Holistic analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the management system
  • Supporting change processes as part of strategy implementation (change management)

Your advantages:

  • Competitive advantages through faster implementation of your corporate strategy
  • Shorter reaction times to changes in the market thanks to effective control mechanisms for your company
  • Greater impact through an integrated view of business, people and structures
  • Less friction and less demotivation due to lengthy coordination and decision-making processes

Practical example

Strategic support for a globally operating company with 6,000 employees in the manufacturing industry:
Cascading process for the top 250 managers worldwide. In practical workshops, a common understanding of leadership, a method box for designing change processes and the optimization of the company's own management system are developed. Regular feedback with the Board systematically contributes to organizational development and calibrates the organization.